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AGI Resistivity Imaging Cable Systems

AGI produces cable systems for all of the resistivity imaging instruments (SuperSting R8/IP, SuperSting R1/IP, MiniSting and the older Sting R1 and Sting R1/IP).
Cable types
The cable systems are manufactured in two types, the distributed electrode switch type and the central switching box type. Both can be used separately or in combination.
The advantage of the switch box type is that a more light weight and less expensive multi-channel cable can be used. The dual-mode switch is however only available in the distributed switch cables. For imaging projects where the survey conditions are favourable and production speed is imporant we recommend using the switch box cable system with the lightweight and less expensive cables. 
Switch types
There are two types of switches used, the single channel switch originally designed for the Sting R1 instrument and the multi-channel switch designed for SuperSting R8/IP. Both types can be used by the SuperSting instruments, but the MiniSting and older Sting instruments can only use the single-channel switches.
Note that when Sting R1 cables are used with the SuperSting R8/IP the instrument will only record data in single channel mode.
The distributed cable switches come with the dual mode operation possibility, which is currently not available in the switch box version. The dual mode operation makes it simpler to obtain high quality readings in conditions where electrode polarization is a problem.

SwichBoxSwitch boxes
Switch box systems are used to control electrode connections via passive cables. Such cables can be made considerably more light-weight and can be used in many common survey situations.
New Dual Mode CableSwift Dual Mode Automatic Electrode Cable
The dual mode electrode (US Patent 6,404,203) allows the user to measure IP using non-polarizable electrodes in an automatic electrode system and at the same time use stainless steel electrodes for current transmission. By using non-polarizable electrodes, a much better signal can be recorded, free from the polarization noise of a stainless steel electrode. You will not find this feature on any other resistivity/IP system!
We have designed the Dual Mode Electrode system to be easy to operate in the field. One single setting in the SuperSting allows you to select whether to perform a survey with only stainless steel electrodes or with the combination dual mode stainless steel/non-polarizable electrodes. Therefore, it is not necessary to always use non-polarizable electrodes if the survey specification does not call for it.
The Swift dual mode automatic electrode cable is backwards compatible with the Sting R1 and the old Swift system. We will gradually phase out the old type Swift electrode cable and completely replace it with the new Swift Dual Mode Electrode cable.

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